We all know that it shouldn’t be done but how many times do we see people using their mobile phones whilst driving. Why?

The need to stay connected brings with it many challenges for businesses. The management of mobile phone use off site when away from the office continues to remain one of the biggest challenges and threats to businesses because the issue is so diverse and the risk acute.

The Stats

In 2014, 3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.

45% of fleet drivers admit to texting, emailing or browsing while driving.


You are four times more likely to have a near miss or actual accident through distracted driving.


82% of UK Employers have written mobile phone policies yet drivers continue to use mobile phones.


Attention levels drop 79% when texting vs -11% whilst at the legal alcohol limit.


There are 29000 accidents each year in the UK due to distracted driving.


The average distracted driving accident is estimated to cost £15,000

Stopping Distances at 70mph

% Travelled of 1000 Metres (10 football fields)

Sending a text
93 %
Looking at Sat Nav
65 %
Applying lipstick
45 %
Changing a CD
15 %

Most Companies have mobile phone policies but they do not have the ability to police the policies or have any visibility on the effectiveness of the policies. Crucially they do not have the ability to stop their drivers using their mobile phones when driving.

The Solution

FleetSafer™ from Eyes Up deals with the THREE key issues:


FleetSafer from Eyes Up prevents the use of mobile phones whilst driving by disabling the drivers mobile phone as soon as the vehicle begins to move until the vehicle comes to a stop (with or without disabling Bluetooth & Hands-free.)


FleetSafer prevents your employees from using their mobile phones when the vehicle is moving but crucially it gives you visibility of any violations be it attempts to text, make calls, use the web/social media or even take pictures.


FleetSafer prevents your employees from using their mobile phones when the vehicle is moving but crucially it gives you visibility of any violations be it attempts to text, make calls, use the web/social media or even take pictures. 

FleetSafer™ Features

Automatic Activation

Automatically activates and deactivates “Safe Mode”

Distraction Blocker

Blocks distractions including calls, texts and browser

Quick access

Quick access at end of drive

Battery Life

Industry leading battery life and accuracy.

Activation Options

Activation options based on time of day, day of week

Infractions Report

Reports and alerts on infractions and overrides

Simple Deployment

Deploys over the air or via a mobile device management platform

Whitelist numbers

Optional whitelist apps and phone numbers.

Handsfree Options

Optionally permit handsfree calls and passenger override

Emergency calls

Emergency calls always allowed

Cross platform compatible

Designed for Blackberry, Android and iOS devices.

No hardware Required

Software based solution. No hardware or third party installation required.


FleetVision is an optional extra and provides feedback on driving performance including driver score, drive times and events. Driver reports are available through the application when not driving.

Driver Scores


Event Map


Event List


Admin Reports

So what does this mean for your Business?

Safe & Compliant

Comply with the law

UK and European law will hold you responsible for any violations that your drivers commit. Fleetsafer ensures you are compliant with the law.


Protect your reputation

The reputation of your company is everything. Don’t let it be ruined by a distracted driver.

Legal Costs

Prevent your company being sued

A leading drinks manufacturer was recently fined $21m during a distracted driving lawsuit.

Return on Investment

Reduction in accidents

5-10 times annual ROI arising from the reduction in accidents.

Protect your employees

Protect your drivers from distractions

Fleetsafer has shown an average 25% reduction in accidents following implementation.

Total Visibility

Through the crossroad web portal

Give your fleet managers total and full visibility of any violations which may have occurred from your drivers.

Contact us for a FREE ‘Snapshot’ of your business

Would you like to know what is really going on? How do you actually know that your drivers are abiding to the policy? You do not. We can give you an insight into just how effective your policy is and crucially identify where the risks are. We will then give you the tools to manage and eliminate the risks. We are offering any Fleet a MONTH’S PILOT absolutely free of charge.




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